Meet The Shop Melee Team

Shop Melee ® was a typical entrepreneurial venture, which began out of Louise’s home some 10 years ago. While operating within a very tight household budget, Louise wanted an easy way to gain value from her own family’s gently used items. The money, which she generated, enabled Louise to buy new items for her family, while insuring the integrity of her budget. Soon, Louise’s family and friends realized the value of recycling their items and a business was born. In 2012, Kim decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and became partners with Louise in what was known as Shop Melee ®. Today, Louise and Kim provide their services to the general public directly as well as through their team of “mavens” and “masters” who assist clients with closet and home reorganizations. We have also recently changed our name to Shop Melee to reflect our positive growth. The Shop Melee team is ready and willing to help you buy or sell your new items today.



Partner and Founder, Shop Melee Inc.

Louise is the founder of Shop Melee® and has always been interested in organization and fashion. Louise has two children and resides in the suburbs of Chicago.


Partner and Founder, Shop Melee Inc.

With an advertising and marketing background as well as entrepreneurial skills, Kim was thrilled to join Louise in a partnership that would help take Shop Melee ® to the next level. Kim has two boys and loves being able to have a career that allows her to enjoy her family time too.


Director of Estate Sales Coordination



Director of Marketing (Estate)



Director of Estate Sales

Chris comes to Shop Melee® from the corporate side of beauty industry and is excited to help make Shop Melee the best in online consignment. His business experience in the beauty industry is a great match for the fashions at Shop Melee.


Copywriter and Estate Consultant




Heather's background is in education, she has always loved fashion and is excited to be a member of the Shop Melee® team.








Estate Sales Consultant - Lead



Estate Sales Consultant



Estate Sales Consultant



Estate Sales Consultant



Estate Sales Consultant



Estate Sales Consultant



Estate Sales Consultant



Shop Melee Maven

Kelly has a passion for fashion and has worked in retail for many years. She enjoys living in the city and calls Chicago home. Kelly is also an expert at renewing and updating a closet and wardrobe.


Shop Melee Maven

Colleen has always been an avid organizer. People have said she was born with to-do lists in hand and was organizing and cleaning out her closets at a very young age – Needless to say she enjoys it!