Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Choose ShopMelee® for your consignment needs?
A: Listing your items with us offers you a multi-platform selling option. We have a top rated eBay store and our own ShopMelee eCommerce website. We also provide local AND national pick-up at our cost. Most importantly we offer the BEST customer service the industry has to offer bar none.

Q: Do you except fake/impostor things or just authentic & certifiable originals?
A: We do not buy or sell anything fake or impostor .  We pride ourselves on ONLY consigning 100% guaranteed authentic consumer goods.

Q: Are my items sold online via auction style or buy it now?
A: We ONLY use the buy it now feature which over time proves to acquire the best price for your belongings.

Q: How much am I paying in fees to list my items?
A: Absolutely nothing. ShopMelee® pays all listing fees out of their 45% split.

Q: What happens if my items don’t sell?
A: Our Multi-Channel "point of sale" software automatically re-lists your items every 30 days for salable optimization. If at anytime you have questions about why your items haven’t sold we can discuss pricing and time lines regarding its salability.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: We provide a check and spreadsheet to each consignee on the 15th of the month for the previous month's sales.

Q: What is the difference in commission for online and onsite sales?
A: All items sold online are paid out at 55% after the $9.95 Shipping is deducted from sale price. All items sold in our on site warehouse estate sale are paid out at 50%..

Q: How do I read my monthly statement?
A: Each month's spreadsheet will include a list of the items sold either online or in our onsite estate sale for each consignee, each month. All items sold online will be itemized. All items sold in our on-site estate sale will not be itemized. There will be three columns on the spreadsheet each month. The first column indicates the sale price of the item. The second column indicates the sale price of the item less $9.95 shipping (if sold online). The third column indicates the amount due consignee: 61% for online sales and 50% for on site estate sales.

Q: How do I know when my items sell?
A: Our POS software emails you when your items are listed and sold. Our software also enables you to go onto our ShopMelee® site to check on your listings at any time using your own personalized consignee code.

Q: Why ShopMelee® for my buying needs?
A: ShopMelee offers the best in high end and contemporary brand names. Our Products are always guaranteed authentic and we offer combined shipping to save you money. You will see a variety of sizes (0 to plus sizes) as well as color and style choices for every taste.

Q: What kind of things do you not accept?
A: Clothing without fabric or size tags.  People search for brands and for garments made of certain fabrics as well.

Q: In what condition should my garments be in when they are dropped off?
A: They should be in excellent used condition (EUC).  A fair rule of thumb is would you borrow that garment from someone of would you lend it out?  Garments should also have little to no stains, no holes, rips, tears or be too altered from its original construction.  Call us toll free (855) 494-0004 if you have any questions whatsoever.  We can help you save a trip or even decrease the amount of things you bring that may not be salable.